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 Miscellaneous Pictures - 2006

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Random picture from Christmas/New Year's showing how big I've gotten... 220 pounds!  

Broad Street Café - I like this place... with mismatched furniture and a grungy atmosphere, I found this café to be pretty nice.  

I really like their menu; matte black painted on the wall with the menu written with colored chalk. Nifty.  

A "magnum" bottle of Clos Du Val. That's a 6L Bottle, the equivalent of 8 regular bottles. At just $680, it's actually a bargain since one regular bottle costs about $200 normally.

The front of the Fearrington House restaurant.  

The results of my Sun Certified Programmer Exam. I wonder how much of the $150 fee goes to that card and lapel pin...  

Random dinner with a friend. Vietnamese Summer Rolls, Pi Dan Zhou, Curry Pan (from Mitsuwa) and Sausage, Cheese and Crackers (from Mars Cheese Castle, Wisconsin).  

Posing over the food.  

Side by side comparison of my weight chnage over the last 6 months.  

All the ice I got out of my freezer after defrosting it.  

At the Clayton Cafe and Creperie with Annie  

The Office Severance Package  

The Office Severance Package  

Look, Caroline is cooking for ME!  

Mmmm, Italian food...  

A panorama of the chicago skyline taken by my friend Bob.

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