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 Ben and Emily's Wedding, San Francisco, 2006

I didn't take any pictures of Ben and Emily's wedding b/c there were already dozens of other people taking pictures, plus there are the official pictures, so I took random other pictures that other people may or may not have taken.

Down historic Lombard street, the crookedest street in America. I wanted to get a better picture but I was driving so it wasn't so easy.   In 1997 I found this street sign, took a picture, scanned it in and put it on my website. Now, almost 10 years later, I finally have a new digital picture of that sign   A vew of downtown San Francisco at the top of a nice steep hill.   One of the steepest hills we drove on. Based on the angle between the road and the houses, the hill was almost 45 degrees.

The courtyard where Ben and Emily were to be married.   Emily and Ben discuss the ceremony with Pastor David Anderson during the rehearsal.   A picture of the hotel surrounding the courtyard.    

      Large Version of Panorama
1200 x 500 (127KB)
A view of the golf course.   A view of the coast.   A panoramic view of the whole area.    

Take a close look at the 7 course dinner menu and see the personalized message at the bottom of every menu.   The chocolate fountain with pound cake, bananas, pineapples and strawberries   Me showing very little restraint.    

Belgian endive, red oak and watercress salad with vanilla, saffron poached pear and Point Reyes blue cheese crostini.   - Beef tenderloin with cabernet reduction, shallot confit, Yukon gold potato gratin.
- Herb crusted Pacific coast sea bass, onion and yellow pepper fondue, braised potato, tomato saffron jus.
  One of three cakes:
- White chocolate butter cake with layers of fresh lemon curd and butter cream and fresh raspberry mousse, finished with white chocolate ganache
- Vanilla and milk chocolate cheesecake with a caramel toffee crunch swirl on a praline cookie crust
- White chocolate pistachio cake with layers of pistachio butter cream and orange ganache

The route to Harley Farms. The eastern route has GREAT mountain roads but watch out for bikers. The eastern route uses scenic Coastal Highway 1.   A cornucopia of mini cheese wheels including Cranberry Pistachio, Apricot Pecan, Dill, Herbed and Peppered.   A selection of goat cheese wheels including Tomato Basil, Money, Van Goat   A few awards that Harley Farms just won.

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