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 Caroline and Eric's Wedding, Costa Rica 2007

I was a bit busy (and sick) when I went down to Costa Rica for Caroline and Eric's wedding, so I wasn't in the mood to take many pictures. Other people who attended took tons of pictures anyway. So here are just a few highlights.

For the first time, Drs. Eric and Caroline Chiu!

At the reception, I'm kind of pooped...
  The 15 minute drive from the entrance of the Four Seasons Resort to the actual hotel was all beautiful golf grass and brick pavement.   Random coastal picture from the airport shuttle.

The airport is just a strip of asphault in a big field. The planes basically land along side the main road.   The airport has no walls, just a roof to keep out rain and you walk right onto the tarmac from the "gate."   The planes park about 50 feet from the gate.


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