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 Dogsitting Macy - 2007

Since I travel a lot, having a dog is not usually feasible. However I am going to be local for most of 2007 so I considered fostering a dog, but fostered dogs usually need more attention since they haven't had a stable home so I was stuck without a dog.

But then one day I went to church and Nadine had her dog because she was looking for a long term dogsitter. Turns out she needed a dogsitter for as long as I was going to be in Chicago, so here she is!

Meet Macy!   She likes looking out the window

She's a 7 month old rat terrier.   She likes looking for food too.

Macy's Toys (they don't last very long)
Chubby Buddy Hedgehog | First Major Damage: 4 Days
Total Repairs: 1 | Total Lifespan: 10 Days

Furry Friend Fox | First Major Damage: 2 Days
Total Repairs: 5 (see picture) | Total Lifespan: TBD
Wag-O | First Major Damage: 1 Day
Total Repairs: 1 | Total Lifespan: TBD

Petsmart Tennis Ball | First Major Damage: 3 Days
Total Repairs: N/A | Total Lifespan: 4 Days


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