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 Miscellaneous Pictures - 2007

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Yes, I am a hotel toiletries whore.      

My first fondant cake... a mint chocolate cake with mint oreo filling. I'm not sure why I chose an extremely complex shape for my first fondant cake, but it turned out ok.  


Arancini - A sicilian fried rice ball filled with a stuffing. In this case, a Spinach Arancini broken open.    

This one is a Meat Arancini.      

My sister visited Chicago in July so we went to Millenium Park and visited the Cloud Gate.    

More Cloud Gate      

My sister at the Taste of Chicago    

Natatia, Darren and I went to blueberry picking at Billy Boy's Blueberry Barn in Michigan City, IN. They had a few acres of blueberry bushes and we picked for almost 3 hours.    

Natatia picked 8 pounds, I picked 10 and Darren picked 12. Blueberry's were an just $1.40 per pound for self-pick.    

We also went to find peaches and enjoyed the top sign on this pole.      

I was enjoying the lightning before a thunderstorm one evening and decided to see if I could catch it on camera. I took like 30 pictures and only these 2 were the slightest bit decent.    

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