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  Caroline's Birthday 2007 - Charlie Trotter's

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The Birthday Girl.  

Natatia is pretty excited about being at Trotter's  

Eric beams at his accomplishment of getting into Trotter's kitchen table.  

Steph prepares for the huge meal ahead of us.  

Watching the cooks prepare the Amuse-Bouche courses.  

Our amuses.
Top row: Pickled Iwashi, Thai Basil Four Ways, Black Mission Fig with Dried Eggplant
Bottom row: Cuttlefish with Lime, California Stugeon Roe & Creme Fraiche, Blue Fin Tuna & Wasabi

Terrine of Cipollini & Red Pearl Onions with Easter Egg Radish Gelee  

Sourdough Bread  

Kusshi Oyster Tempura with Daikon & Nori  

Portuguese Rouget with Braised Swiss Chard and Pomegranite  

Nantucket Bay Scallops with Buddha's Hand, Chrysanthemum Leaves and Roe  

A whole Buddha's Hand  

Saffron Risotto with Picholine Olives and dried orange.  

A fennely pumpernickel bread?  

Roasted Squab Breast with Lentils, Crosnes and Chesnuts    

A cheese bread, gruyere I think?  

Toasting to Caroline, who looks very evil here.  

Braised Lamb Shank with Lamb Tongue Tortellini & Ginger.

The lamb is sous-vide for 16 hours.

52 Day Aged Angus Beef with Shallot & Porcini  

Riedel Sommelier Series wine glasses.  

Natatia with her giant glass.  

Comparison of a full size dinner fork with the giant glass.  

Triple Creme de Bourgogne (Goat Cheese) with Fennel, Frise & Fruit Nut Bread  

Taking a break before dessert.  

Frozen PawPaw with Sparkling Tapioca & Grains of Paradise  

Our dessert spread:

Top Left: Sweet Carrot with Orange & Marsala Sabayon

Organic Buttermilk with White Pepper Ice Cream  

Bitter Chocolate with Lemon, Olive Oil & Thyme  

Indonesian Choclate with Pandan Broth & Pine Nuts  

Orange Rose Beignet with 5 flavor Chocolate and Bergamot Meringue  

A quick look at the Trotter's spice rack.  

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