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 2008 Restaurants - Cho Sun Ok

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Cho Sun Ok has all these pretty rocks around. I thought someone told me they were salt, but I may have been thinking of another restaurant. Kristina says they're just quartz. The easiest way to find out would be to lick one...   Hite, a Korean beer. Pretty light and crisp and not particularly strong as it had almost no effect on me..

The favorite dish at Cho SunOk is chadol-gui. The stone pan that is used to cook on your table is drizzled with oil and given a few minutes to heat up.   Meanwhile the side dishes start pouring in. Shredded green onions   Garlic and pickled onions   Soup

Mandu dumpling appetizer   Then the beautiful chadol-gui beef arrives.   It should be quickly cooked on the grill. If you don't do it right, the waitresses will come and do it for you.   Pretty soon your table is chock full of food.

When you're almost done and starting to slow down, that's when the waitresses swoop down and take over, mixing all the leftover side dishes with any remaining meat and kim-chi which they simmer and chop frantically using scissors (second picture). Then they add a layer of rice and let it cook in the juices. Minutes later they return and, in a blur, mix the rice and flatten it in the pan to allow the bottom to crisp before you dive in.

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