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 2008 Restaurants

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Tria, a great wine, cheese and beer bar in Philadelphia.

Read my blargh entry.

Joe's Smoked Mozzarella, Crispy Prosciutto, Tomato, Arugula and Garlic Vinagrette Sandwich (left). If you think about it, that's basically a glorified BLT, but it was the best darned BLT I've had. The mozzarella was good, but not as smokey as I would like, however, the prosciutto and marinated tomatoes were excellent, and I really liked the sandwich.  

Rogue Chocolate Stout Bread Pudding with Allagash Cherry Sauce (left). This was a very tasty bread pudding with a nice chewy exterior and a soft moist interior, dotted with chocolate. I believe the cherries started out dried and were marinated and turned into a sauce. The cherries were drained and piled on top while the resulting syrup was drizzled around the plate. The syrup tasted great, but I felt that the cherries had lost a little flavor. Otherwise the dessert was quite tasty.  

Tete de Moine, a Raw Cow's Milk cheese from Bern, Switzerland described as, "Dense and seriously intense, fruity flavor, balanced by roasted nut aromas and brine washing," and served with Tuscan Pepper infused honey.

This was a lightly aged, fairly hard cheese, similar to Parmagiano Reggiano but not as hard and not as intense. The most interesting thing was the way they served it. They had a spiral slicer that shaved a thin layer off the top, creating a flower shape (right). Once again the honey, with its mild spiciness, was an excellent complement.  

My parents and I at L2O.   Warm entree 2: Halibut.
Read my blargh entry.
  Standing in front of the spice closet at L2O

Margie's Candy Shop (phone camera)   Paul getting a bit excited about Margie's   Margie's is a bit cramped but does a lot of business due to their tasty toppings such as homemade fudge sauce, caramel sauce and English toffee.

Pickled Watermelon   Chicken Tabaka   Rabbit with white sauce   Cheese Blintzes
Chaihanna Uzbeki Restaurant. Read my blargh entry.

An ice cream flight at Capanarri's: Acai Sorbet, Blueberry, Praline and Butter Pecan ice cream. Read my blargh entry.

Second Poquonock Giant Grinder and Pizza Shop   A huge piece of baklava for $2.50   This is a half veal parm grinder, a full 8" and weighs about a pound.   Here it is unwrapped, a bit messy b/c the baklava filled me up for a couple hours, but it is indeed very large.

Breakfast at Pot Belly's: even better than lunch!   Mont Blanc Bakery's signature dessert.   A Kahlua cake at Mont Blanc.   Blueberry Cassis cake at Mont Blanc

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