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 2008 Route 66 Road Trip - Day 1

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Route 66 Road Trip Part 1
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Since our road trip to California would follow Route 66, we decided to see some interesting sites along the way. I found Waymarking.com, a great geo-caching site for finding interesting things. The first day of our trip to California took us down I-44 from St. Louis to Oklahoma City, passing Rolla, Springfield and Tulsa.

There are a few interesting things along the way, but we had to be selective so I chose things more Route 66 centric and close to the highway. Our first stop was the A&W family, saved and maintained from the days when figures were a common advertising medium. After that, there wasn't much until Oklahoma.

We stopped in Tulsa for a Country Fried Steak and pie dinner but since it was New Year's day, all of our choices were closed so we pressed on to Oklahoma City.

Just before Oklahoma city we got off the interstate and hopped on historic Route 66 where we stopped at Pops, a soda pop themed gas station, store and diner. They have unlimited, customizable fountain drinks and over 500 brands of soda available for purchase.

Beyond that, it's mostly the pictures that tell the story...

Pictures are here.
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The famous Route 66 A&W Family! These figures were saved and restored from early advertisements. This isn't a very good pic because we saw it too late and I barely caught it in the corner of my picture.
N 37° 58.943 W 091° 42.045
  An interesting rock face in Missouri  


And old school "hot rod." Nice license plate.

  Yes, even Oklahoma has vineyards!

Beautiful Oklahoma sunset.   The famous giant soda bottle at Pops. It's constantly changing color which is quite nice.
N 35° 39.559 W 097° 20.036

Pops has a selection of over 500 diffferent sodas for sale.   You'd think they'd be able to get this straight...

Pops BLT with egg salad - "Pretty good, Very tasty" according to my mom who also says the egg salad doesn't stand out but does balance the saltiness of the bacon.   Chili Burger with red onions - My sis says the chili didn't stand out (fine ground beef was a bit mushy) and red onions that were too spicy.   Country Fried Steak - It was probably the tastiest and tenderest CFS I've ever had, but the meat seemed a bit mangled and it was a bit heavy on the batter, probably pales in comparison to some famous down home diners but good overall. The fries weren't as crispy as I'd like. The Texas Toast was super buttery, it tasted great but was a bit too oily.   Whole fried okra - pretty good but not as crispy as I'd like.

Or course , you don't go to Pops for the food, you go for the drinks. Here is a tasty and refreshing Raspberry Sprite and with the unlimited fountain drinks we switched it to Peach Sprite, which was equally good.   The hand dipped shakes were good. I got peanut butter cup malt and my sister got caramel shake. I thought both had a hint of a mysterious earthy, almost burnt flavor so it may have been from the Blue Belle ice cream. My sisters used real caramel to flavor it and had drizzled caramel around the cup. However, both my mom and sister preferred my peanut butter cup and kept taking it away from me. Overall, good, but I'd prefer a shake from Potbelly's or even Steak N Shake.   I did pick up a six pack of sodas for $2 each plus tax. I picked up a root beer, a ginger beer, two sarsparilla root sodas and two birch beers. As expected, these are all caffeine free, as they should be (only Coca-Cola's Barq's has caffeine, most likely to keep their customers hooked).   Here's the Route 66 Beer - very smooth and well rounded, which my sister and mom liked, but missing a bit of a kick that I like.

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