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 2008 Restaurants - Ted Drewes

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I once met a guy who claimed to be a frozen custard connoisseur. He considered Culver's to be excellent and had never heard of Ted Drewes. That's like claiming that McDonald's makes the best ice cream. Sure it's great and tasty, but it doesn't beat the genuine homemade stuff. If you like frozen custard, you HAVE to try Ted Drewes for both the wonderfully rich creaminess and for the historical Route 66 significance. On Alton Brown's Feasting on Asphalt, he said that Ted Drewes was the number one most recommended absolutely must see stop according to his fans. The line you see in the top left is there year round, even in the winter (though it is understandably shorter).

Ted Drewes has a large menu but they are most famous concretes which you can hold upside down without it falling out of your cup.
I got the Southern Delight which has pralines and butterscotch.

The inside where they make all those wonderful treats.   Caroline and Eric in front of the neon sign   Peter, Eric and Caroline   Me and Peter

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