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Question: Cooking.com has a SPECIAL CALPHALON DEAL. Should I purchase it?
Responses   Votes   Percent
Yes    1    12.5%
Maybe    3    37.5%
No    4    50%

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Phil Tsai
11/01/2001 05:05 PM
   Forgot to mention that I will probably give one pan away for Christmas and if I have too many, sell another on ebay.
11/01/2001 07:45 PM
   Fil, Aren't you trying to save $$? Just kidding!
Phil Tsai
11/01/2001 08:01 PM
   Yeah, for things like this! Did I mention how much I hate most of the pans I have now?
11/01/2001 09:37 PM
   Hey, that reminds me, I gotta save for my gaming DVD player console!
11/02/2001 10:17 AM
   Well, if you feel so strongly about the pans, then just get them.
11/02/2001 10:18 AM
   If you feel these pans will help in furthering his kingdom go get them, i.e., making food and sharing with others in fellowship and evangelism

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