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 Poll Results

Question: If you could subscribe to an e-mail update of my Blarghs, would you sign up?
Responses   Votes   Percent
Yes    4    66.6%
No    2    33.3%

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10/08/2003 01:24 PM
   ooooo ya... fil delivered right to my email.
10/08/2003 02:15 PM
   I come to your site not only for your blarghs, but your polls too. As well, my inbox gets too full too quickly.
10/08/2003 02:51 PM
   Ah yes... the polls that i only change once a month! :D
10/10/2003 06:45 PM
   Just call it a Poll o' the Month... heh. But this'd work like xanga subscriptions, right?
10/12/2003 09:25 PM
   Yeah... except w/ fewer features... like no daily digest... strictly one entry = one email.

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