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 Poll Results

Question: What should I do with my old audio cassettes?
Responses   Votes   Percent
Trash em.    4    80%
Keep em.    1    20%

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11/10/2003 01:31 PM
   I don't even have a working audio cassette player at home.
11/10/2003 10:28 PM
   Depends on what they are. Some may hold sentimental value, etc. For me, I would need to evaluate each tape on its own merit.
11/11/2003 09:56 AM
   I agree with you, but i'm talking generally here. I've got a pile of BLANK tapes as well as copies of CDs that I have as well as personal recording, mixes and such. Of course, i'll keep the meaningful ones, but what about the others?
11/12/2003 01:00 PM
   In that case, the blank ones give to me...the others I guess toss.
Packrat Dan
11/13/2003 00:11 AM
   Keep 'em... keep 'em all!!
11/13/2003 08:37 AM
   NOoooooo!!! too much junk to unpack... i threw out so much stuff... and i still have so much! Wynne, i'll bring you the blank tapes over the holidays.
11/16/2003 10:09 PM
   Will you ever listen/use these tapes? Exactly, toss them!

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