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 Poll Results

Question: When should I start to mod my STi?
Responses   Votes   Percent
Now!    2    22.2%
When you get it back from your dad in 3 months.    4    44.4%
In a year    1    11.1%
In 2 years.    1    11.1%
in 3 years.    0    0%
Never.    1    11.1%

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11/25/2003 02:05 PM
   Sometimes it's best to sleep on these decisions (and give your dad some time with the car before it gets totally riced-up ;).
11/27/2003 01:34 AM
   Enjoy the car in its original form first. You don't want to spoil yourself too fast.
11/27/2003 03:58 PM
   Enjoy the car a bit first, but when mods come, choose wisely. Talk to the tuners and take the best path. For engine mods a streeatability, Turbo-Back and AccessECU, Suspension- JDM RA spring/struts & cusco bars, brakes- maybe some better pads and Stopte
12/04/2003 05:03 PM
   Not that I know anything about cars, but yeah drive it around for a little and see what you think it "needs" before you start. Not necessarily a year like a voted, but a good 6 months of driving it at least.

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