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 Poll Results

Question: Did you ever use ICQ?
Responses   Votes   Percent
No    4    57.1%
I used to.    2    28.5%
I still do!    1    14.2%
What's ICQ?    0    0%

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01/20/2004 02:27 PM
   I go on it once in a while still. I liked ICQ better b/c you could leave msgs for ppl offline, but the only reason why I don't use it more regularly is b/c everybody else used aim. I think part of it may be because you had to remember your number rather
01/20/2004 02:29 PM
   than a screen name you made up yourself. My number is 15153494 - I think or it is 15159434...something like that. I know one guy that was in ICQ with a number in the one million range.

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