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 Poll Results

Question: Do you use text messaging on your phone?
Responses   Votes   Percent
Yes, all the time!    1    16.6%
Every once in a while    2    33.3%
Rarely    3    50%
I don't know how to use it.    0    0%
I don't know if i have it.    0    0%
What's text messaging?    0    0%

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02/06/2004 01:03 PM
   Hey, so where's the "don't have it, so I don't use it" option?
02/06/2004 10:41 PM
   Danny boy...you need to get a new phone. =)
02/10/2004 11:47 PM
   Nah... The phone I've got looks like it can message, but I don't want to pay for the service.
02/13/2004 09:04 PM
   You cingular people... You should switch to t-mobile. 50 free messages!
02/13/2004 11:02 PM
   Free messages... bah! (Oh, I'm on U.S. Cellular, formerly PrimeCo.) Unless it's like free checking, I don't want a feature they'll charge me for later. Free e-mail forever!
02/15/2004 09:30 AM
   No, that's their plan, it's not a promotion. In fact, t-mobile turned on internet access for all their customers (w/o telling anyone). T-mobile is good like that. They actually increase their features w/o raising prices.
02/15/2004 04:25 PM
   Not bad, but I still don't have my option. =)
02/16/2004 03:34 PM
   Hi I have t-mobile and have 550 for free but typically use upwards of 2000+ messages, so I have big phone bills.

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