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 Poll Results

Question: What's your favorite part of chicken wings to eat?
Responses   Votes   Percent
The "drumstick" single bone, upper arm part.    4    44.4%
The double boned, lower arm part.    4    44.4%
I don't like/eat any part of chicken wings.    1    11.1%

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08/30/2004 01:20 PM
   Double-boned, baby! I just look forward to them more.
08/31/2004 02:46 PM
   What triggered this question?
08/31/2004 04:06 PM
   oh yeah, double boned are superior by far.
09/02/2004 03:17 PM
   I have this thing about food being reasonably easy to consume. The double boned is more of a bother to get all of the meat from the bone to your stomach.
09/02/2004 07:34 PM
   I feel there's a certain cost-benefit ratio with eating fish (all that deboning), too, but there's something about wings that negates the downside to getting the meat. Wings...

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