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 Poll Results

Question: Does your company require two weeks notice to quit?
Responses   Votes   Percent
Yes    1    16.6%
No    2    33.3%
I don't actually know.    3    50%
I don't work.    0    0%

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09/09/2004 07:31 PM
   My first job I only gave them less than a week. I think the 2 weeks thing is more of a common courtesy thing...When I got laid off, they gave me two weeks pay...I don't know if that is company policy or not. I was just glad to leave.
09/10/2004 01:12 PM
   Two weeks pay is pretty standard I think. Basically when you get laid off, they can't just surprise you, they have to give you 2 weeks notice or 2 weeks severance.
09/15/2004 01:55 AM
   Y'know, Fil, it would be cool if you could put how many comments have been left for the poll on the main page (as you do for the regular blog entries). It's convenient like that.
09/16/2004 10:12 AM
   Hmmm... good idea...

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