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 Poll Results

Question: What type of office would you prefer?
Responses   Votes   Percent
Convenient Location    8    72.7%
Great View    3    27.2%

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09/25/2004 03:23 PM
   Depends. Like if I have a job that I need to go to the printer a lot, etc, than convient, but if I'm basically in my area most of the time, than Great View
09/25/2004 03:42 PM
   Convenient location meaning close to home? That's my criteria.
09/25/2004 10:42 PM
   heh, however you wish to interpret it.
09/29/2004 06:37 PM
   I like the idea of not spending 25% of my waking hours in traffic.
09/30/2004 11:56 AM
   Best is to work remotely at Home

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