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Question: If you were fasting on liquids only, would fruit smoothies or shakes be acceptable to consume?
Responses   Votes   Percent
Yes    5    50%
No    5    50%

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10/25/2004 01:07 PM
   I recommend "God's Chosen Fast" for further spiritual direction. A fast should be specific but beware of legalism.
10/25/2004 01:07 PM
   By the way, your clock is horribly wrong. LOL.
10/25/2004 06:45 PM
   It is more important that you are fasting by not taking in solid food and praying rather than trying to find ways to potentially make your body less healthy. God may like fasting, but if you become sick and must spend time in the hospital then you can't
10/25/2004 06:46 PM
   ... do God's work
10/25/2004 07:36 PM
   I guess the question is, "What do you mean by liquids only?" If SlimFast or Ensure would be okay, then I'd say (and vote) yes (which I did). Clear fluids would be a different matter.
10/25/2004 07:52 PM
   i'm not TRYING to be unhealthy, in fact juice is probably more healthy than what I normally eat...
10/25/2004 07:53 PM
   I was just wondering where people would draw the line for "liquids" since in America we have so many different drinks available.
10/31/2004 03:26 PM
   Juice may be more healthy as far as nutrients and lack of fat, but if your body is lacking in calories it can be worse faster.
11/04/2004 11:28 AM
   1. Is'nt it that "fasting" means no food at all? How did Jesus fast in the desert?For modern day, the concern on the health makes it to include liquid. In essence, just clear liquid like water may be allowed, at least in the past. 2. Nowaday, fruit ju
11/05/2004 02:23 AM
   There are many definitions of fasting. What's important is the time spent with God, not the rules that can turn into legalism.
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