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Question: Do you like Pocky?
Responses   Votes   Percent
Yes, I love it!    5    55.5%
No, I don't like it.    1    11.1%
What is pocky?    3    33.3%

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11/05/2004 10:30 PM
   There's so many types of pocky here in japan... and lots of other brands as well! Like Toppo and Fran... I'll bring back lots of samples.
11/08/2004 10:36 AM
   what flavors do they have besides choc, vanilla, and strawberry?
11/16/2004 01:16 AM
   Well, they've also got green tea. And they've also got mousse (thicker, creamier, fluffier) versions of all of them. Then there's Men's Pocky, Coconut, Almond and a couple others. The new one I saw this time is Decor? Pocky which is one thick layer the
11/16/2004 01:16 AM
   that is then drizzled with lines of a second layer, such as chocolate and caramel or vanilla and strawberry.
11/16/2004 08:46 PM
   what is men's pocky?
11/17/2004 04:38 AM
   And then there's the strawberry ones with chunks of something stuck on it. (I'll try it soon.) I think I'll bring some Kasugai gummis on Sunday.
11/17/2004 03:26 PM
   I can't tell you. It's for men only. :)

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