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 Poll Results

Question: When you meet someone, do you check if they have a ring on their finger?
Responses   Votes   Percent
Always    1    14.2%
Only if the person is attractive    1    14.2%
Only if it's a person of the opposite gender    2    28.5%
Rarely    3    42.8%
Never    0    0%

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12/02/2004 04:39 AM
   Been doing some checking lately, Fil? ;)
12/02/2004 11:15 AM
   Actually, since college I check quite a bit, but I it's all sorts of people, just cause I'm curious, not cause I'm interested in anything.
12/02/2004 05:44 PM
   shiny things always catch my eye...so i guess my answer should not be always....hmm...i don't really have any other choice tho...but yeah, regardless of gender, etc, i always notice if there is a ring cause it is shiny...unless it is dirty...sometimes i s
12/02/2004 05:45 PM
   ...sometimes i see a ring on a meanish person and i'm like, they are married? i wonder who would marry them...they must be stupid/low self esteem...you need a choice "cause it is shiny"
12/03/2004 10:04 PM
   Well, the question is whether you look, not why you look.
12/03/2004 10:55 PM
   Well put.
12/03/2004 11:12 PM
   When I was single and just out of college, I used to check if the girl was attractive. It seemed like every pretty girl at work was taken ;) Now, there is just no time.
12/04/2004 02:51 AM
   That's because they ARE taken.
12/06/2004 03:21 PM
   I think I've adjusted to the post-college situation of 75% of my peers being married. It seems like most of the attractive women in my group are married. Not to say the others aren't attractive, but most of them are ~30 (for those who don't know, i'm 22
12/06/2004 10:34 PM
   I only do it when I'm interested in the person.
12/06/2004 10:35 PM
   If she has a ring, then all interest is gone.

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