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 Poll Results

Question: Should I conduct my 2nd pyro experiment with the Hello Kitty toaster (I can always buy a replacement)?
Responses   Votes   Percent
Yes    2    33.3%
No    4    66.6%

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12/15/2004 02:28 AM
   No, not Kitty!! =O
12/15/2004 02:32 AM
   I can find any extraneous toaster you have a good home!
12/15/2004 03:01 PM
   What is this pyro experiment? Does it really toast on a hello kitty face?
12/15/2004 08:14 PM
   Was your first the pyramid, or is there another pyro experiment that I don't know of?
12/15/2004 11:06 PM
   Yes, it was the pyramid (which I would have done regardless of whether I left the company).
12/15/2004 11:07 PM
   And yes, it really toasts hello kitty's face on. I don't know if it's as good as in the picture, but it does do it.
12/17/2004 01:38 AM
   Bad mental images of Filbert standing in the middle of burnt down house
12/19/2004 04:15 AM
   Fine, take away my fun.
12/22/2004 12:51 PM
   Don't mind if I do.
12/30/2004 02:47 AM
   That looks awesome, I gotta get that! Well maybe if I ever finish FFXI which I'm not playing much but still paying for...
01/02/2005 00:06 AM
   Yeah, FFXI was a gorgeous game, but if you're not playing it (as I did), then it might be better just to cut the cord.

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