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Question: If you know that a good sale is rare, which is better?
Responses   Votes   Percent
Take advantage of the good sale now.    5    83.3%
Just buy it later, even though it probably won't be on sale.    1    16.6%

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01/08/2005 03:13 PM
   Shoot, if you're gonna buy it anyway, why not get it on sale?
01/09/2005 00:30 AM
   What if the sale is for a house? :)
01/09/2005 11:27 PM
   If the mortgage payments are manageable (at least in relation to your current rent payments), then I'd say go for it. Just stick with cheap and desirable... uh, so you can easily sell later on. But if the housing bubble bursts...
01/10/2005 01:45 PM
   Housing will probably slow down in the next couple years, but "burst" it probably won't. Especially in Chicago
01/10/2005 01:45 PM
   Chicago has a history of having a steady growth unlike most US markets where pricing is a roller coaster.

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