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 Poll Results

Question: What mileage program should I use?
Responses   Votes   Percent
Stick with American, keep your status and drive a little further.    6    85.7%
Switch to United, use the Philly connection to gain status faster.    0    0%
Switch to Southwest, earn free flights and drive a little further.    1    14.2%

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01/19/2005 01:28 PM
   You've got one of three options: drive to Long Island, keep your status; connect in Philly & get some Mileage; or drive to Midway & earn some flights. All delays being equal, I'd take the status.
01/19/2005 03:50 PM
   i want to change my vote from swa to stick with american. after doing some thinking, your company pays for your rental car anyway, right? doing the sw thing takes about the same time...and you can earn more rewards (whether it be credit card or rental c
01/19/2005 03:51 PM
   car stuff).
01/19/2005 09:06 PM
   On SW, I get a free ticket every 4 trips... On AA I get about 3000 miles per trip, so it would take 5 trips for a 15k ticket (1 hour flight) or 8 trips for a 25k ticket (anywhere in the continental US).
01/20/2005 02:21 PM
   Yes, but it's SW... Have they moved into the modern era of assigned seats yet?
01/20/2005 06:04 PM
   well...stick with american is still winning out
01/21/2005 11:04 AM
   In case you haven't noticed, the SW model is one of the few making money, despite charging less... and many airlines are switching to that model (ATA, JetBlue, Ted, etc.)
01/21/2005 11:05 AM
   But then again, I'm not paying for the ticket so lower fares aren't a big factor for me.

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