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 Poll Results

Question: Which tour should I take?
Responses   Votes   Percent
Domestic Blue Mountains Eco Tour    0    0%
The Grand Scenic    0    0%
Complete Sydney with Helicopter    1    20%
Blue Mountains and Australian Wildlife    3    60%
Best of Sydney    1    20%

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03/15/2005 03:38 PM
   Go cheap, yo. Considering that you've already seen some of the sights before, value and wildlife (koalas! kangaroos!) would be my bet.
03/15/2005 03:39 PM
   Actually, now that I've thought about it some more, you should visit the Hobbiton set over in New Zealand. You'd have to get over there, though, which could be expensive (and time-consuming).
03/15/2005 06:00 PM
   Yeah, if i have to fly anywhere (this is a big country!) it will take half a day. Flying to Melbourne is like flying from Chicago to NY... Flying to Perth or NZ is like flying from Chicago to Hawaii!
03/16/2005 07:46 PM
   Austrailia is about the wildlife. You won't find a region with a larger variety of deadly snakes and spiders than austrailia!
03/17/2005 03:40 AM
   But isn't Chicago->Hawaii twice as long as Sydney->New Zealand? (You're in Sydney, right?) And isn't Syd->Melbourne just as long as Chi->~Pittsburgh (distance-wise)?
03/17/2005 09:27 PM
   I looked it up, Syd->Auk = 3:00 hours. Syd->Per = 3:45 hours. Syd->Mel = 1:30 hours. So Perth is like Chi->LA, Aukland is like Chi->Vegas, Melbourne is like Chi->Nashville? Pittsburgh?
03/17/2005 09:29 PM
   Hmmm, so Adelaide is only 2 hours away... maybe I should fly there for the Holden V8 Supercar race...
03/22/2005 05:53 PM
   Aw, schnap... if you were still in AU then, I woulda said to visit Hillsong Church for Easter. Aw, well... I guess there's always Good Friday. Sonicflood & Delirious? would've been there on Sunday, though.

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