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 Poll Results

Question: If someone told you your laugh was annoying, would you...
Responses   Votes   Percent
Be offended.    0    0%
Change your laugh.    1    14.2%
Ignore it.    6    85.7%

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03/26/2005 03:00 AM
   Sometimes people might find your laugh annoying, but trying to change it will probably make it sound fake. "Ignore" it, but try to rein it in if the situation calls for restraint.
03/26/2005 06:42 AM
   The reason I ask is there was someone with a really annoying laugh at a restaurant. I wonder, would he rather be told it was annoying, or would he rather people say and think things behind his back?
03/26/2005 06:43 AM
   If someone has mustered up the guts to tell you your laugh is annoying, it's probably pretty bad...
03/26/2005 09:13 PM
   Unless the laugh is disturbing other restaurant patrons, it'd probably be best to leave the truth-telling to close friends of the perpetrator.
03/28/2005 01:55 PM
   Is my laugh annoying? C'mon now, tell me the TRUTH! You know I can handle the truth! lol
03/28/2005 05:31 PM
   I'm not suggesting that your or I do it, I just wonder how people would react...
03/28/2005 05:32 PM
   Actually Luke, your laugh is quite amusing.
04/02/2005 05:02 PM
   The real question is: is it their laugh that is annoying or are they simply annoying whenever they open their mouth? It could be deeper in their traits than their laugh.
04/02/2005 05:02 PM
   If you think what I said was harsh, think of what a teeny bopper or valley girl sounds like.
04/03/2005 00:11 AM
04/03/2005 00:11 AM
   Oh wait, i didn't notice the teeny bopper part... now i sound sick...
04/04/2005 01:04 PM
   So it would seem to me that everyone here would prefer to annoy other people than change themselves...

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