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 Poll Results

Question: Should I buy a bed for the master bedroom now?
Responses   Votes   Percent
Yes, it will be nice and the old bed would be handy for guests.    4    57.1%
No, you don't really need a second bed.    3    42.8%

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04/25/2005 01:58 PM
   if there is a really good deal. otherwise, an air mattress might suffice if someone shows
04/26/2005 10:27 AM
   Well, I'm not going to put an air mattress in the master bed room. If I buy something it would be the real thing.
04/26/2005 12:38 PM
   oh, i meant for your guests...
04/26/2005 02:33 PM
   Uh, if you don't mind using what you got, just stick with that for now. Supply (the stores') and demand (yours) should determine the rest.
04/27/2005 01:46 AM
   Dan, I like your vague answers. :) When it comes down to it, supply and demand always determines it... but this poll will help determine the demand...
04/27/2005 01:47 AM
   Of course I don't mind personally, but then it's difficult to have guests over. And if I buy a bed, it will be for me, not for my guests, which is why no air bed. I guess i should rephrase it.
04/27/2005 10:36 AM
   "I like your vague answers." Ha, ha! They're my specialty. Maybe.
04/28/2005 11:28 PM
   I like your vague questions. So the second bed is for you, then the current bed is for the guest?
04/29/2005 01:20 PM
   If i get a nicer bed, i ain't giving it to my guests! :)
04/29/2005 10:01 PM
   I'll remember that if I ever make it back to Chicago...

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