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 Poll Results

Question: Do you have trouble unwrapping shrinkwrapped CDs/DVDs?
Responses   Votes   Percent
Yes, I hate those things!    6    50%
No, I've got a trick to make it easier.    6    50%

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07/11/2005 12:01 PM
   What's really hard are packages of plastic molding, especially those surrounding (game) accessories. No one's stealing those babies without a cutter. I unwrap discs VERY slowly.
07/11/2005 02:21 PM
   I wouldn't say I have trouble, but I don't have a trick either.
07/12/2005 00:49 AM
   I agree with Dan. When you spoke of hard things to crack, that's what I thought of instead of media wrapped in flimsy shrinkwrap.
07/12/2005 08:15 AM
   Yes, those are pretty annoying, but I think they are much more universally difficult while I've often met people that give me their DVDs to open.

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