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Question: Are Girl Scout cookies too expensive now?
Responses   Votes   Percent
Yes! No way I'll pay that! In my day, they were just $2.00 per box!    2    33.3%
They're expensive, but if I have a craving, it's ok.    2    33.3%
They're a little pricey, but still worth it.    1    16.6%
They're girl scout cookies! Who cares how much they cost!    1    16.6%

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01/18/2006 06:33 PM
   There's gotta be cheap and decent alternative out there, right? What about some generic/brand-name variety? (Not that I know of one...)
01/18/2006 07:14 PM
   President's Choice Rasbery Tempatations. Butter cookies with butter cream filling and Rasberry Preserves. SOOOO good. SOOOO bad for you (but still better than fudge covered Oreos)
01/18/2006 10:31 PM
   i'm not sure how much they are. it has been a while since i bought some. i usually just buy one box - thin mints. so i figure that is ok.
01/19/2006 03:11 AM
   PC butter-cream-fruit things... yeah, those were awfully popular back in the day. Me... I like the mints. =)
01/19/2006 03:34 PM
   My fav GS cookies are Samoas (aka Caramel Delights). The caramel and coconut covered short bread drizzled with chocolate? Mmmmm.
01/24/2006 12:59 PM
   Thin mints.
01/31/2006 12:31 PM
   i recently heard on the radio that girl scout cookies have been the same price for several years now.
01/31/2006 05:45 PM
   I hadn't noticed a price change either, but no girl scouts seem to know where I live anymore (nor have any of my coworkers brought in forms for their daughters).
02/03/2006 10:19 AM
   Maybe a few years, but not several. I never said they went up this year... just that they're more expensive than they used to be.

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