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 Poll Results

Question: How do you like your ribs (or other BBQ meat)?
Responses   Votes   Percent
Super slathered with sauce!    6    46.1%
Just a touch of sauce.    4    30.7%
I like a good dry rub.    3    23%
I don't like BBQ    0    0%

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04/24/2006 05:34 PM
   actually, it depends on my mood. i voted just a touch of sauce, but if the dry rub is good, then i would be up for that too.
05/14/2006 02:24 AM
   I'm definitely a sauce man! =)
05/30/2006 11:36 AM
   Can't beat a good dry rub, expecially if it's applied a day or two ahead, wrapped in plastic and allowed a day or two to let the spices do their magic. Of course, a touch of sauce on the side can be like frosting on a (delicious) cake.

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