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 Poll Results

Question: With higher gas prices (but still pretty cheap globally) do you find yourself driving more efficiently?
Responses   Votes   Percent
Definitely!    0    0%
Maybe a little bit.    8    44.4%
Not at all.    5    27.7%
I drive less efficiently now than ever.    1    5.5%
I don't know how to drive efficiently.    4    22.2%

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06/01/2006 11:14 AM
   I changed my route so it is less stop & go. The route is a couple of miles longer, but I save since it is a lot less stop & go.
06/08/2006 10:37 AM
   Red line, every time!
06/09/2006 12:57 PM
   more of my efficiency come from reduced trips / carpooling when (rarely) possible. The monetary difference is too small when compared to saved time / enjoyment.
06/13/2006 06:47 PM
   well, it wasnt my truck, so i was driving like a reckless bastard the whole time
06/19/2006 01:09 AM
   What? You kidding me? Driving is about fun. What's so fun about economical driving?
07/14/2006 04:04 PM
   Yeah, me too... What Ben said!!!
07/16/2006 11:56 PM
   I get 19 mpg with a 4 banger! Doesn't get any more efficent than that.

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