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 Poll Results

Question: Do you floss or brush your teeth first?
Responses   Votes   Percent
I floss before I brush.    5    35.7%
I brush before I floss.    7    50%
I don't floss.    2    14.2%

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02/23/2007 03:44 PM
   it doesn't make sense to me to brush before you floss. you need to get the bits out first, etc.
02/26/2007 03:15 AM
   But if you floss first, you're just pushing bits from the outside in, but if you brush first, then you can get the places you missed.
03/06/2007 07:22 PM
   The way my dentist puts it, flossing is to get everything moving around. I would argue that you need to rinse after you floss, so it makes sense to me to brush my teeth between flossing and rinsing.

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