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 Poll Results

Question: If Bethel were to volunteer at a soup kitchen, would you help?
Responses   Votes   Percent
Yes, I'd love to help!    4    50%
I guess, if I'm free.    3    37.5%
Maybe, if you bugged me enough.    0    0%
Probably not.    0    0%
No, helping people doesn't interest me.    0    0%
No, because I'm not a member of Bethel    1    12.5%

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12/07/2001 07:25 PM
   Hope you guys aren't choosing only the first one so you won't look bad!
12/08/2001 11:58 PM
   Yeah, I admit I pressed that button before I gave the question too much thought. Still, helping the less fortunate with my time has been something I've been meaning to do for a long time now. Let me know what happens.

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