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 Poll Results

Question: What should I ask my parents for, for Christmas?
Responses   Votes   Percent
A new guitar    3    50%
A Sony PS2    1    16.6%
A Calphalon Cooking Set    1    16.6%
A Miter Saw    0    0%
A Cell Phone    1    16.6%
Clothes that I'll never wear    0    0%
Something else (leave in comments)    0    0%

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12/11/2001 05:32 PM
   Yeah, parents aren't up with game machines, but a guitar... ah, a guitar... that's the ticket!
12/11/2001 08:08 PM
   guitar - it'll never be obsolete
12/11/2001 10:26 PM
   It was actually a toss up between the guitar and cooking set. But I thought the cooking set was more practical and parents like practical.
12/11/2001 11:23 PM
   Yeah, the cooking set is nice, but I have pretty much everything I need. My current guitar, on the other hand, needs at minimum $100 worth of work on it.
12/13/2001 11:21 AM
   hey phil, do you have your eye on a particular sort of guitar yet?? i'm a big fan of pearly inlays (in the headstock!)
12/14/2001 09:05 AM
   Hey, So do you want to go guitar shopping when you come home? Do you remember Pat Yao? He is looking for a new guitar too. We could all go together :D
Phil Tsai
12/14/2001 10:07 AM
   Who's Pat Yao? Sure I'll go guitar shopping, but I'm aiming to purchase a guitar as soon as I walk into the store.
12/15/2001 01:05 AM
   let me go with you...
Jon Wiley
06/08/2005 03:31 AM
   Is this the Pat from SLCCC? You'll know what I'm talking about if it's you.

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