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 Poll Results

Question: What should I do about my broken desktop?
Responses   Votes   Percent
Buy a new Dell with your $300 gift certificate    2    28.5%
Build a new system and re-use whatever you can.    1    14.2%
Keep trying to fix the old system, upgrading necessary parts.    3    42.8%
I don't know.    1    14.2%

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01/17/2002 06:42 PM
   Never give up!
01/18/2002 02:23 AM
   Bah, let that clunker fry and give Dell a spin; with Dell on your side, you can't go wrong, right? Of course, gutting your old system might be more worthwhile than the time I took 1 MB slabs of RAM out of a current plant stand, but what do I know, 'ey?
01/19/2002 01:21 AM
   Might as well use your certificate.

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