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 Poll Results

Question: Which Chicago style pizza do you like most?
Responses   Votes   Percent
Giordano's    6    54.5%
Carmen's    1    9%
Gino's East    0    0%
Pizzeria Uno/Due    0    0%
Other    3    27.2%
What's Chicago style?    1    9%

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01/27/2002 01:18 AM
   I prefer Giordano's. I like their crust and other menu items. Pizzeria Uno's pizza is more pan style and it's way too bready! I don't think they should even call it Chicago style!
01/27/2002 08:56 PM
   Actually I like Edwardo's... au natural baby...BTW my polls still don't work right filbert :(
01/27/2002 11:06 PM
   What's now working?
01/28/2002 09:15 AM
   Man, I miss deep dish pizza...since I'm done here in Atlanta.
01/28/2002 11:59 AM
   I've never had any of these, so I didn't get a chance to vote :(
Ben I.
01/28/2002 10:06 PM
   I was torn between Giordano's and Carmen's...I think Giordano's is ever so slightly better.
01/30/2002 11:35 PM
   So if a pizza originates from Chicago, could it be considered Chicago style? If so, then I'd have to go with Reggio's. I've only had the frozen variety so far, but the restaurant version has to be worth something, too, right?

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