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 Poll Results

Question: Should I get a cell phone?
Responses   Votes   Percent
Yes! You should have gotten it ages ago!    4    33.3%
If it's a good deal, now's a good time!    6    50%
Keep waiting for better deals/technology.    1    8.3%
No, you don't need one.    1    8.3%

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Ben I.
02/03/2002 09:49 PM
   I'm holding out. You should too! Fight the power!
02/03/2002 11:21 PM
   VoiceStream is calling your name!
02/04/2002 09:28 AM
   I don't know how good VoiceStream's service or network is, but if you think it is a good deal go ahead.
02/05/2002 04:05 PM
   Verizon user's beware. I had such a bad experience with them. I am looking to switch to VoiceStream. They seem to have some really good deals.
02/07/2002 10:03 PM
   Find something good and stick with it... needless to say, a cell phone comes in mighty handy sometimes. Go, PrimeCo!

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