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 Poll Results

Question: How do you like your water?
Responses   Votes   Percent
Frozen solid.    1    9%
Lots of ice.    1    9%
A little ice.    3    27.2%
No ice.    4    36.3%
Luke warm.    0    0%
Hot.    0    0%
I don't like water.    2    18.1%

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02/08/2002 11:18 AM
   It depends on the situation actually. Like if I just came in from a cold winter's day or a hot summer's day. But generally, I like just a touch of ice.
02/08/2002 11:36 AM
   I love ice! Even if it's cold outside. Mmm... slurpees... I could go for a Code Red slurpee right now!
02/08/2002 02:39 PM
   How can you be Taiwanese and like lots ice in your water? Are you sure you are Taiwanese?
02/09/2002 01:10 PM
   What are you talking about? What does ice have to do with Taiwanese? I mean, we love shaved ice... so wouldn't we want ice in our drinks?
02/11/2002 09:16 AM
   Most Taiwanese ppl don't like ice in thier water, they just like plain water. Trust me. Ask your mom.
02/11/2002 01:57 PM
   I've never heard that in my life. Get your stereotypes straight! My mom likes ice, and so does my dad, although he prefers tea over water in which case it's always piping hot.
02/11/2002 02:02 PM
   Ask your mom about Taiwanese ppl in general and she will tell you no, they don't like ice in their water.

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