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Question: Do you know of anything interesting for me to do in Detroit?
Responses   Votes   Percent
Yes (leave in comments)    4    44.4%
No    5    55.5%

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Ben I.
02/18/2002 09:15 PM
   Sorry, buddy... I'm not really sure. Maybe take a tour of a car manufacturing place or something?
02/18/2002 10:19 PM
   go see michael jordan play the pistons on wed. 2/20
02/18/2002 10:21 PM
   5 votes already? it's only been like 3 hours...
02/19/2002 12:37 PM
   Ask the Hotel Front Desk
02/19/2002 01:58 PM
   Look @ www.citysearch.com
02/19/2002 03:46 PM
   I hear Detroit's(downtown) pretty dead during the day...just watch yourself--Detroit's #1 in crime, followed by Atlanta!
02/19/2002 06:14 PM
   I ha dto fly to Detroit once to give a presentation. I must say, it has one of the most ghetto airports I've been to.
02/20/2002 01:51 PM
   The airport seems fine, but all the out of town people don't seem to like it and fear for their lives when walking outside...
02/20/2002 02:05 PM
   Go to Greenfield Village, Henry Ford Museum, Greek Town, Pistons Game, Wings Game, Great Lakes Crossing Shopping Mall, take a road trip to Windsor.....
02/20/2002 11:52 PM
   Pete? Who's pete!?!

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