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Question: My new cell phone has a plastic film protecting the display screen. Should I be Asian and leave it on?
Responses   Votes   Percent
Yes, keep it on to protect it!    0    0%
No! That's so tacky!    8    66.6%
Only if you take it off when it gets nappy.    4    33.3%

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02/25/2002 09:11 PM
   Wow, i didn't know people felt so passionate about this...
02/25/2002 10:17 PM
   You better take it off the next time I see you...argh!
02/26/2002 00:13 AM
   But when does it get "nappy"?!
02/26/2002 09:20 AM
   I don't think it is that tacky unless it is all gross. When it starts to peal that is when it gets nappy. My phone didn't come with a plastic cover dudad and now it is all scratched.
Ben Huh
02/28/2002 01:10 AM
   You Chinese/Tiwanese people.
02/28/2002 01:29 AM
   Fil, nobody I know in Japan has a plastic film thingy covering their cell phone (and, well, pretty much everyone I know in Japan has one - we don't have functioning clothes dryers, but we have 3D images on our cell phones! :) ), so what's w/ this "be Asia

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