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 Poll Results

Question: What should I do with my United voucher for a free airline ticket in the continental US?
Responses   Votes   Percent
Visit people in CA    4    28.5%
Visit people in NY    3    21.4%
Visit family in St. Louis.    3    21.4%
Go somewhere else.    3    21.4%
Don't use it.    1    7.1%

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03/01/2002 09:26 AM
   I wonder who voted visit family in St. Louis. It wasn't me. I have the winter blahs right now so I voted CA even though I've been dying to go to NY ever since the last time I was there.
03/01/2002 09:48 AM
   Come visit your nephew in HOT-Atlanta BABY! Actually, I'd rather you go to CA or NY(since you haven't been there before).
03/01/2002 11:09 AM
   Phil, you have a nephew? Your sister has a baby? Wow. Didn't know that. I thought you have been to CA, well, at least SF.
03/01/2002 05:02 PM
   He's my great nephew... not direct. And I haven't been to NY but I hvae been to CA.
03/01/2002 09:13 PM
   I want your anime hehehehe j/k. I can get it elsewhere lol, and you could always visited St. Louis during the hot summer.
03/02/2002 09:43 PM
   I might be in st. louis over memorial day... maybe... but I can probably drive there and use the ticket for a more costly trip...
03/02/2002 10:44 PM
   All things being equal, visit family. It's an investment with dividends. Good site. Hajimamashta! It was nice to meet you. larryc@wbsolution.com
03/03/2002 07:29 AM
   Aw c'mon, you can't be dissing the West Coast! Seriously, though, it's all about who you know where. Travel accordingly.

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