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 Poll Results

Question: When staying at a hotel, do you take the shampoo, conditioner and/or other amenities?
Responses   Votes   Percent
Heavens, no!    4    33.3%
Only what I've used.    1    8.3%
I take it on the last day.    3    25%
I take it daily and get more the next day.    3    25%
I just help myself to the housekeeping cart.    1    8.3%

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04/11/2002 12:03 PM
   I don't always take it. It depends on how nice it is and how much room I have in my luggage. And of course, it depends on if I remember.
04/11/2002 12:27 PM
   Renaissance hotels have Bath and Body Works soap and shampoo. It's quite nice, so I make sure to take it if I'm ever there.
04/12/2002 00:00 AM
   Every day...I think it's the hoarding instinct in me. =)
Ben Huh
04/12/2002 02:05 PM
   It's so rare that when I stay at a hotel, I tend to take the bathrobes and towels too.
04/12/2002 02:13 PM
   WHAT!?! You know you're supposed to pay for the bathrobes...
04/12/2002 04:16 PM
   Why would you want to take a bathrobe or towel? Do you stay at the really nice hotels? Cause at the hotels I've stayed at the bathrobes and towels weren't all that.
04/12/2002 04:37 PM
   Makes me wanna buy some cheapo towels at K-Mart...
04/14/2002 10:37 PM
   Personally, I think hotel towels smell bad. I guess they go for non-scented soap b/c it's cheaper and is hypo-allergenic but I wish they had SOME scent.

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