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 Poll Results

Question: Which yogurt do you like most? (active culture, not frozen)
Responses   Votes   Percent
Dannon    2    33.3%
Yoplait    1    16.6%
Columbo    0    0%
Other    1    16.6%
I don't like yogurt.    2    33.3%

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04/18/2002 00:04 AM
   While I've always like Dannon's Fruit on the Bottom, I've recently discovered that their Light 'n Fit varieties are surprisingly tasty. Yoplait's a bit sour, and I can't speak for Columbo.
04/18/2002 09:14 AM
   Yoplait Custard Style! I like my yogart thick.
04/18/2002 12:04 PM
   Columbo is very sour if I remember. I love Dannon, i like to eat the yogurt off the top and save the fruit on the bottom for last. Most people think that's kind of gross though.
04/18/2002 06:36 PM
   I can't even remember the last time I ate yogurt, but I believe it was Yoplait. I think it was on sale or something. No real preference for me.
02/22/2003 03:26 PM
   I'm from NE area and relocated to fla..i grew up on ur yogart but i can't find it fla...

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