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 Poll Results

Question: Should I sign up for an AAdvantage credit card, pay the fee and cancel it, just to get the points?
Responses   Votes   Percent
Yes, sign up for the Gold and get 5000 miles for $50.    1    14.2%
Yes, sign up for the Platinum and get 7500 miles for $85.    1    14.2%
No, it's not worth it.    5    71.4%

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04/20/2002 02:08 AM
   Go for it, but only if you're in the market for a rewards card and could use the miles. Free extra value meals with a Speedpass... now that's a deal!
04/20/2002 02:11 AM
   On second thought, I've never had a rewards card with an annual fee. Less rewards for the buck, y'know? It's up to you, man.
04/20/2002 11:46 PM
   But that comes to 100 miles per dollar... the best rewards cards give 5 points per dollar, but most are between 1-3, so basically the question is how much would you pay to get your miles?
04/20/2002 11:47 PM
   I have no plans whatsoever to actually use the card.
04/22/2002 02:31 PM
   I would suggest not opening a new credit card if you already have 3 bankcards. The magic number is 3 bankcards for your optimal credit rating. Not to mention that another inquiry will be posted in your credit file. Since you said that you don't plan to
04/22/2002 02:32 PM
   use it, I wouldn't apply for it.
Ben Huh
04/22/2002 02:47 PM
   Market rate is 2 cents per point. The $50 car costs you 1 cent per point so it's a great deal.

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