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 Poll Results

Question: What is a better investment?
Responses   Votes   Percent
Motorcycle    5    55.5%
New computer and PS2    4    44.4%

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04/30/2002 10:13 PM
   Wow, someone voted already! who was it?
04/30/2002 10:24 PM
   I wasn't the first one. Motorcycle sounds like fun, but is it really a good idea living in Chicago? I say go for the PS2 and new computer.
05/01/2002 07:04 AM
   Ya know, everyone asks about having one in Chicago... But is it any different from having a bicycle in chicago?
05/01/2002 08:49 AM
   I voted for motorcycle, but I totally don't think it is safe. Therefore, I really don't think you should get it. I voted for it because it retains its monetary value better than the computer and ps2.
05/01/2002 12:43 PM
   I don't think you can compare having a bicycle to a motorcycle. Anyway, the main reasons are cost and safety for me. I don't want to see you in the papers as a statistic.
05/01/2002 08:23 PM
   I can become a statistic walking across the street so should I not do that either? As for cost, it's about the same as a new computer and PS2...
05/01/2002 08:57 PM
   boys on bikes:) i like that!
05/02/2002 01:09 AM
   I'm against bikers of all persuasions simply because they irritate drivers (like me) on the road. Of course, I wouldn't be biased in a poll regarding PS2's now, would I?
05/02/2002 08:51 AM
   Really? What about them irritates you? If it's their loudness, I assure you that is a case in which 5% of the community goes overboard and ruins it for the rest...
05/02/2002 11:23 AM
   You shouldn't twist God's Word...besides, true that everything is permissable, but not everything is benefical
05/02/2002 01:49 PM
   How is that twisting God's word? If I'm twisting God's word, then show me scripture that refutes me. Is riding a motorcycle a sin? Is it causing me to stumble?
05/02/2002 01:50 PM
   I'll get more utility and enjoyment out of a motorcycle than you will out of your new Plasma TV which costs more than twice as much. How do you justify that?
05/02/2002 01:56 PM
   I didn't want to buy the tv. It wasn't my decision, it was a decision made by the family, I got out voted.
05/02/2002 02:23 PM
   Besides, is a motorcycle really benifical? As well, didn't I tell you not to tell anybody about my plasma tv! Also, how is the plasma tv unbenifical in comparison to a motorcycle?
05/02/2002 02:44 PM
   Oh yeah, you did tell me not to tell... I didn't say it's unbeneficial, just that I'd get more utility and enjoyment out of a motorcycle.
05/02/2002 02:47 PM
   Stop twisting MY words. And you still haven't refuted any of my statements.
05/02/2002 02:48 PM
   There's plenty of good arguments against my point of view, but no one's been able to properly correct me.
05/02/2002 03:10 PM
   I'm not a good arguer like you are, so why don't you argue both points of view. Yes, I did tell you not to tell.
05/02/2002 03:39 PM
   Question: Do you just automatically argue when ppl disagree with you?
05/03/2002 09:02 AM
   I don't want to argue both points of view because I might lose.
05/03/2002 09:04 AM
   Yes. See, I responded to everyone else's comments as well, it just so happens that you responded back so we've got a lot more back-and-forth.
05/03/2002 09:04 AM
   You may lose your point, but you won't lose in the grand scheme of things.
05/03/2002 09:06 AM
   Well, if i argue against myself and lose... then I will also have won... No matter which way I decide, I don't think I'd lose in the grand scheme of things either.
05/03/2002 09:07 AM
   I guess that my main argument should be this. Lots of people love motorcycles even though there's a safety risk. But they are willing to take that risk, and I want to find out why.
05/03/2002 11:00 AM
   I like the Motorcycle idea. It may not be 100% practical, but neither is a PS2. But there are certain benefits of having one in the city. Lower cost, easier parking, ease of getting around, etc. Hey, this may be the only time in your life to get one,
05/03/2002 01:30 PM
   Ultimately, I don't think anyone is going to judge you whether you get a motorcycle or not. I think people are giving you their opinions about it and you can take it or leave it. As you mentioned in your blarghs, riding a motorcycle is less safe than ri
05/03/2002 01:32 PM
   riding a car. I think people are just concerned about you safety that's all. I think a motorcycle would be fun and if you are willing to take the risks, then you should get one.
05/03/2002 04:16 PM
   Safety's my main concern with the motorcycle, and I did think that the dangers from other drivers factors into its overall safety (even if I didn't say it).
05/03/2002 04:17 PM
   More about bikes: those bicyclists really make me nervous when street lanes narrow at intersections and so forth. The environment, my butt, I don't want to kill anyone!
05/04/2002 07:52 PM
   Mmm... true, true. Interesections are where the many bicyclists and motorcyclists are injured... Remember, don't try to beat the yellow/red light! That's advice I should take too.

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