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Question: Should I tip the valet at Courtyard (it's already $17/day)?
Responses   Votes   Percent
Yes    4    57.1%
No    3    42.8%

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05/06/2002 01:50 PM
   You should generally tip the service these people provide.
05/06/2002 05:06 PM
   Given the cost, how much would you recommend?
05/06/2002 05:20 PM
   I would say just a buck since you see them quite often.
05/06/2002 09:31 PM
   I'm always reminded of the pizza places that claim free delivery but really expect tips for the drivers; the delivery here isn't even free. I'd say no, but it is more socially acceptable to tip service people.
05/07/2002 08:23 AM
   I voted no, but after thinking about it, I might want to change my vote...I wish you had maybe. I guess what I wonder is where is your hotel located? Is it in the city? Do you have to pay for parking everywhere in the city? Is it really expensive to p
05/07/2002 08:36 AM
   Is it really expensive to park in the city as it is? If so, then, I think you should tip the guy since it costs just as much to park on your own in the city. These are just assumptions of course. Tip the guy when he gets your car for you and I guess a
05/07/2002 08:39 AM
   I guess a buck is fine. Maybe you could look online to see how much to tip.
05/07/2002 11:28 AM
   Well, there's guides on-line, but they're pretty generic. This is actually the most expensive parking that I'm aware of but it's unlimited in-and-out. If I park at the self-park at marriott across the street, it's $10-15.
05/07/2002 11:33 AM
   But because of the way the Marriott and Courtyard are set up, and the construction, it's a good 1 mile walk to get from one to the other, even though they're across the street.
05/07/2002 04:10 PM
   You should try to tip whenever you can. Be a cheerful giver and all that. That dollar probably doesn't mean as much to you as to that person.
05/08/2002 04:26 PM
   don't be cheap. it's just a dollar and will mean better service and a happy person.
05/09/2002 00:26 AM
   Hahaha, don't be cheap... in that case, maybe I SHOULD get a motorcycle...

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