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Question: How long do you keep milk after the sell-by date (it's usually not an expiration date)?
Responses   Votes   Percent
I throw it out before the sell-by date.    0    0%
Until that day.    1    12.5%
A couple days after.    3    37.5%
I just taste it and find out if it's still good.    1    12.5%
A week after.    2    25%
More than a week after.    1    12.5%

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05/10/2002 11:38 AM
   I actually don't drink milk - lactose. But if I did, that is what I would do.
05/10/2002 11:32 PM
   I normally don't have a problem drinking milk by the sell-by date. However, if I didn't, I would start to smell it after a couple of days past the date up to a week.
05/11/2002 04:10 PM
   I understand the lactose thing; while there's lactose-free milk out there, it is a bit thin (like skim milk).
05/13/2002 08:33 AM
   Does lactose-free milk have the same amount of calcium in it?
05/13/2002 12:11 PM
   As far as I know, yes.
05/13/2002 05:28 PM
   Everything has calcium in it nowadays, you don't even need milk! My mom sent me an article that said if you eat a full breakfast with all the calcium fortified products availabe, you would surpass the Daily Recommended MAXIMUM for Calcium.

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