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 Poll Results

Question: How many times did you take the driver's exam before you got your license?
Responses   Votes   Percent
I never took it.    2    18.1%
1 time    7    63.6%
2 times    2    18.1%
3 times    0    0%
4 or more times    0    0%
I still haven't gotten it yet.    0    0%

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05/15/2002 02:40 AM
   I voted never b/c I got a waiver from school. My high school required you to get a driver's license in order to graduate.
05/15/2002 08:59 AM
   What? Is that legal?
05/15/2002 01:39 PM
   i got a waiver too.....doesn't paypal charge a transaction fee?
05/16/2002 07:12 AM
   Paypal only charges transactions fees above a certain amount, however they no longer accept credit card payments for individuals. I'd need to pay for an account upgrade for that.
05/16/2002 02:14 PM
   It is funny to hear that some people never got their driver's license period, however. They are a rare breed.
05/17/2002 08:33 AM
   How does this waiver thing work? So do you have a drivers licence now? Or are you driving around illegally?
05/21/2002 02:57 AM
   You get a waiver from school saying that you were a good enough driver during driver's ed so you don't have to take the real driver's test.
05/21/2002 02:58 AM
   And you bring the waiver to the DMV to get your license.

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