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 Poll Results

Question: What should I do about my job?
Responses   Votes   Percent
Apologize and fix your attitude you idiot!    3    42.8%
You're not happy, just leave the company.    4    57.1%

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Very Curious One
06/07/2002 10:49 AM
   What did you do?
06/07/2002 11:16 AM
   Call me or e-mail me and I'll tell you.
Luke Chang
06/07/2002 11:47 AM
   WHAT'D YOU DO?--I'm e-mail you about it.
06/07/2002 12:17 PM
   Apologizing and having the right attitude is good, but I suppose you can only work somewhere you don't want to for so long. It might help to have a job prospect before leaving the company.
06/07/2002 01:00 PM
   Well, doesn't it matter what happened? Was it your fault, was your attitude poor given the circumstances?
06/07/2002 01:46 PM
   Oh, it was most definitely my fault.
06/08/2002 00:02 AM
   Oh yeah, if you couldn't tell, my response to your poll was: "Apologize and fix your attitude you idiot!" Oh, yeah.

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